Saturday, October 30, 2010

Calendars and Trains

Well here I am.  Second last post.  I'm sorry, but I am amazing.  I haven't missed a day.  And all of my posts have been half decent.  No cop out poems, or a paragraph about how I'm busy.  I was determined!

But I have a piece of paper to thank for that.  This piece of paper kept me going.  It kept me on schedule.  It was even at times my source of ideas.

My Blogtoberfest Calendar!! Yay!!  It was available at the beginning of the month on Tinniegirl's blog.  I printed it out on day one and have relyed on it since.  Did you use yours?

Now let's talk about trains.

My nephew Spencer loves them.  I decided to do a handmade gift for him this year.  I found a 4 pack of train shaped wood cutouts at the cheap store last week.  I knew I had to get them!  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them right away, but I knew regardless of what I chose to do, my nephew would adore them and talk about them for hours.

So last night I had an idea.  I would paint them into Thomas the Tank Engine characters!!  I'm nothing special with a paintbrush but I figured he was 3 and wouldn't notice my crooked lines, and they were basic enough that I should be able to get it right.  I just had to remember which 4 characters he loved best, but also I knew they needed to be all different colours. 

So I first of all sketched the different trains.





So that was my starting point.  I photographed the sketches because I knew I'd paint over the details and would need the photos as a reference when it came to decorating later on.  Last night I did as much as I could.  I only had green, black and blue paint.  The rest of the paints and all of the glitter paints I bought from the cheap shop this morning.  I got them all finished up as fast as I could because there was plenty of other things that needed to happen today.  

Here are the finished products.




All I need to do is pick out some ribbon and I am making a vertical garland, which will go on his wall.  I showed my sister a picture of them and she has confirmed that he will pee his pants in excitement when he see's them Christmas morning.  I'm just glad they turned out!!

Well tomorrow is the 31st.  It is also the close of my giveaway.  And there's a little suprise in stall.  I'm not going to expand on that so don't ask.  You just have to be in it to win it.

Until tomorrow...


lissyal said...

we need to have a diaper on hand for Spencer come Christmas day... good job tristy

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh every time i visit her you have done something else awesome!! These are great! and how nice to know he will squeal in delight - will you be there? if not you will have to get them to video it :-)

The Clip Cafe said...

I meant visit here :-)

A Christy Production said...

Our family is together to open all our presents Christmas morning. We all gather at mum and dads super early so it's awesome! I will be there when he opens his pressie. I'm soooo looking forward to Christmas this year cause I have some flippin awesome presents for my family!

I'll just have to make sure I give Spency his present before dad does, or else I won't get a look in. (Dad bought him Buzz costume which he will probably never take off ever again).