Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Failures aside

Well today has brought about success and yeterday's failure has been put behind me for now - until I come up with Plan B.

After dropping husby off to work this morning, I dropped into the local Op Shop on a hunt to find Christmas coloured fabrics on the cheap so I could make my Christmas Door Wreath.  I had started the night before using what I had and didn't get far.  Whilst in the Op Shop, I noticed that the rack in my size with all the skirts was unusually full.  Apparently a lady who is my size has either put on a stack of weight, or lost a whole heap cause she has cleaned out her wardrobe of all her skirts!!  I wanted to buy them all but chose two skirts that were $6 each.  They're awesome!

I also had other successful finds.

Cheap fabric offcuts...

I have plans for this little fellow for my kitchen.

A fat quarter I just couldn't leave behind at the fabric store whilst there to buy needles for the sewing machine. 

And then of course there is my Christmas Wreath which I've purposely put at the bottom :)

I'm going to put it up on the door tonight.  Yay for Christmas!

Oh and look below... my husby finally coded me a sign off name.  Yay!! It's so much prettier.

Until tomorrow...



The Clip Cafe said...

Oh isn't it annoying when you find LOTS of nice things but can only spend so much!! I love what you did get though :-) Fabric is very nice!!

Adlewiess said...

ohhh LOVE the sign off name!!! I so want to learn how to do that!!! And I LOVE your wreath!!!! Interested in doing a tutorial?? Even one we have to pay for?? I love this - we have a similar one in our stampin catalogue using ribbon but that just sounds way to expensive!!!! ok - off to catch up on all your other posts... :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

lovely signature!
and totally cute wreath :)
i love finding fabrics at the thrift shops too~
glad for your skirt finds -
why not post them too? fun to see what's avlbl in other places ...

A Christy Production said...

I'm loving my signature too! Husby did it in some sort of editing program at work and then just saved the image and uploaded it to photobucket so there would be a code. Then he embedded the code in a spot somewhere in the Design settings.

I am loving the wreath too! Thanks :)

Fabric hunting in Thrift stores is my favourite! I'll have to take pics of the skirts and post them too. I didn't think anyone would be interested in seeing them.

And Adele, I actually thought of making the wreath in the SU catalogue but of course using cheaper ribbons, but decided that wouls still cost too much and I already had about half the fabric I needed so went with the fabric idea because of price. Maybe I'll do a tutorial before Christmas on how to make it, but it's super easy!

Maria Becske. said...

I love it!