Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I have been featured on Jill's blog - Creating my way to Success!!  I'm excited!!  I was able to answer some questions and share a little about myself, my blog, my crafting adventures and plans for the future.  You can read it below, or go to Jill's blog and read the blog post for yourself!!  Thanks so much Jill!!


What do you create? 

It's a bit of a mixed basket.  My desire to make things changes with my moods.  I have recently come to the conclusion I am a bit of a Jill of all trades.  I make greetings cards and other cardboard crafts like gift boxes and voucher books, I make hair accessories and brooches out of ribbon, fabric & felt, I make soft toys, I make children's clothes, magnet pegs, embellishments, library bags, hats... I really could keep going on and on.  I make whatever tickles my fancy each given day!  My list of what I WISH I knew how to make is also growing!  I also spend alot of time creating for my blog.  Some may not think this is a craft or skill, but it's hard work and can be very time consuming.  I spend alot of time trying to ensure what I post is not only entertaining or interesting, but visually appealing.

Why do you create? 

It is necessary for my sanity.  Crafting is my outlet, and without it I become a crazy lady!  Just like every other woman out there, my life is hectic, over-scheduled, full of time constraints & stress!  When I sit down at my craft table, I can channel that stress and tension into making something awesome!  It also gives me an opportunity to most importantly, be still, and think through the things that are troubling me.

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

Although it can be hard at times to let go of something that I've made and love, of course I sell my creations!  I have a Madeit store which is where I am concentrating on selling my creations at this point in time.  I have done a few markets in the past year and am not a fan of the stress that occurs leading up to market day.  I like that I can work towards my Madeit store at my own pace, and put things in there as I want to.  It doesn't matter if my store looks bare!!  Infact, that's a good thing because it means people have been buying up!!  I am still fairly new to the Madeit scene, but have started to see the money rolling back in - which is my husbands favourite part.

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?

It doesn't bother me to make mistakes.  I have made a few items that just look terrible.  So I take them apart and try again.  Trial and error is the best way to learn.  But probably the hardest lesson I've had to learn is to believe in MYSELF!  If I don't believe in myself and trust my abilities, how can I expect others to?  It all begins with me.  Since having that light bulb moment I have had greater success in selling items, made a tonne of great blogger friends, and enjoyed the blogging and crafting experience ten fold. 

What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Success is a term generally used for huge achievements.  Success to me is when you sell a $2 embellishment, or finish sewing a dress, or learn a new skill.  It doesn't have to be a $50 sale.  So YES I have achieved success, and I have hundreds and hundreds of successes ahead of me in the future. 

So, what's next?

I don't have any huge crafting goals for the upcoming year.  I just want to keep up with the pace of making, selling, blogging, befriending, networking and developing better photography & editing skills to showcase my products more effectively.  So my goal is to be better, gain more skills, and develop my existing skills to a higher standard.    



Jill said...

Thanks for answering my questions Christy! I'm very happy to be featuring you!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Naturally Carol said...

Thank you for sharing about yourself Christy...I hope to have a MadeIt store one day too!

Flower Photography said...

WOOHOO!!! Great stuff :-) (PS I'm Back)