Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space - collar trouble

I have been experimenting with a delightful vintage girls dress pattern.  The collar wasn't sitting right and it was irritating me.  So back to the instructions.  I sewed it on wrong.  I think I ironed it out of shape too, so will probably just cut out a whole new collar and try again.  Other thing is, I don't know what size it is.  The pattern is VERY unclear.  The instructions are weird, and are a jumble of confusing words.  Thank heavens for the little pictures...

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Seaweed and Raine said...

Cute fabric! I would love to see how it turns out :) Good luck sorting the directions and getting the collar done.

Kate said...

I love the fabric too!
Its gonna be gorgeous.

Cate said...

I'm a shocker at following instructions on patterns anyway...I tend to just go by the pic and hope for the best :-)
Good luck...such pretty blue and purple fabric - will make a gorgeous dress!

Anonymous said...

I have trouble following patterns...I tend to look over the instructions and then make it up as I go.
That fabric is gorgeous, please post a pic of the finished dress.

Flower Photography said...

Haha sounds like confusion central! I'm sure you will work it out though. Love the fabric!