Sunday, March 27, 2011

Organised Home - Project Beads

I have a big bag that I put all my beading supplies into.  I haven't been good at keeping it organised.  I have 5 plastic containers, each with compartments so I can seperate the different beads.  Then a few boxes holding tools and old jewellry to be taken apart & fixed, leather & wire, and all the other bits and bobs that I'd thrown in the bag and box over the years.  

 I threw out old stuff, ugly stuff, broken stuff.  I took stuff apart.  I finally fixed other things.  I put together two big bags of beads to giveaway - which was excitedly received by a family at church with three preteen/teenage girls.  

After about 3 hours of sorting and such, it's finally all looking lovely!  I might even want to start making stuff again now that I can see what I have and it's all sorted nicely.  
Now I just need to finish organising my craft room and the new furniture additions that it now holds so I can show you!  Hopefully this week.  I have been silly busy this week and haven't had much time for anything at all, so hopefully this upcoming week I can concentrate on catching up on this blog of mine and showing what's been going on (and our new cheery grey carpet).  

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