Saturday, April 2, 2011

I sewed a dress!

I sewed a dress!!  From a pattern!!  All by myself!!  

Some may think this is no big deal.  But for me it was a first.  I'm not good at following instructions, nor do I like it.  It was a learning curve for me to do exactly as I was told.  Slight problem though.  The instructions sucked!!  I sewed this dress purely by the diagrams included with the instructions.  Thank heavens for them!

Lucky for me I have the most gorgeous model to show off my dress.

The pattern wanted me to do button holes.  I was too scared to do it, cause I've never done them before and I didn't want to wreck the whole dress, so I ended up putting in a couple of loops, which I think I like better anyway.

I'll definitely be using this lovely vintage pattern again!  

Here's one more photo.  My nephew was jealous that I was taking all the piccies of my niece, and he insisted that Woody can smile better then his sister.  

I complied, because it was his birthday :)



Flower Photography said...

Oh Christy!! Well done that is just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Great job's gorgeous!!