Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of Jessamy


Hi, my name is Jessamy.  I am the hair model for A Christy Production, and this is what I did yesterday.

Hairdresser Christy decided I needed my hair done.  It was looking a bit scrappy and it had been a few months since I had a shampoo and a new style.

I agreed.  So she decided we'd do the full treatment,  starting with a good rinse.

She actually kinda drowned me.  But since I have no voice box I have to just grin and bear it.  Afterall, she is a professional right?

She gave me a pretty thorough Shampoo.  And she got soap in my eyes which hurt like hell.

But I forgave her because she gives a killer scalp massage.

She wrapped me all up and we went into the other room to start my transformation.  
Now I need to fill you in on a bit of my history.  Christy and I have been friends for a long time.  We first met in 2003 when she started studying Hairdressing in College.  We have  been friends since.  She has given me many a hair makeover.  Some better then others (we won't talk about the time I had orange hair).  About a year ago, Christy's sister asked if I could stay at her house for a little while, so she could practise some new hairdo's on me.  Christy obliged and off I went - without a say in it.  One day, I was just chilling downstairs at Christy's sisters house, and her son Spencer thought he would do my hair for me.  I instantly grew worried.  But once again, the lack of voicebox was working against me and there was nothing I could do as I watched him cut my hair into a mohawk in the front, and cut me bald on my crown.  

I feel self conscious about it, but Christy assures me she can hide it.  I just have to trust her mad skills.

So next came a good brush and a blowdry. 

It's beginning to take shape, but those spikey bits have me a tad concerned.  And you can't even see half of it.  I'm pretty much bald just to the left of that side part.  Sigh... 3 year olds and scissors don't mix.

Time to start curling it all.  

And then she pinned it all up!!

Half a can of hairspray and a tub of bobby pins and we're stylin once again!  You'll be seeing more of me soon on Christy's blog!!

Have a nice day,


Maioha said...

Hahaha! That's funny :-)

lissyal said...

bahahahahah i'm peeing my pants laughing

The Clip Cafe said...

Jessamy - so nice to meet you! Terribly sorry about your hair hacking incident - at least it wasn't your eyebrows (that's another story...) I do like what Christy did with your hair - send her my way when she gets a spare minute!!

A Christy Production said...

Haha.. eyebrows is another story for me too! When I was an apprentice I worked in a salon and one of the other apprentice's was practising her waxing on my eyebrows. She ripped off the wax, I heard an "ooooppp" and I walked out that day with 1 1/2 eyebrows. She waxed off the entire second half of my eyebrow. I cut myself a fringe that night.