Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Time is not my friend of late.  I don't work on Tuesday's, so one would think it would be full of Craft and other wonderful things.  No.  It consists of driving hubby to work (which I hate doing but have to if I want the car), grocery shopping, running other various errands.  Unpacking shopping.  Baking cake (some may find that fun, but I hate baking) for work for tomorrow (one of the staff members is having a birthday and I've somehow become the office event manager, probably cause I make awesome cakes - even though I hate baking, and buy awesome snacks) and also cut up a whole heap of vegies and kabana for snacking for tomorrows event.  Laundry - and guess what?  THE SKY IS BLUE.  There are white fluffy clouds.  First time in a week.  A whole week of rain really messes with your positive energy.  And then I had to come upstairs and dig through the cupboard to find my Christmas box (and yes I only have ONE Christmas box which as ALL my decorations in it) to get some things out, and also needed to gather things that we have made in YW's over the past year to display at the Stake Young Women's in Excellence Night tonight (all the girls in our area from our church get together once a year to share their achievements for the year).  It's now almost 3pm.  My craft room is a sty...
Seems I'm in need of some positive vibes.  The blue sky hasn't worked it's magic yet!!!  I think some sewing will cheer me up.  I'm thinking of making a patchwork fabric canvas for my bedroom.  My bedroom is super boring.  I have a white blanket on the bed.  White pillowcases on the pillows.  Our bedside tables are mismatched.  Our clothes drawers are mismatched.  Our wedding canvas sits on my hubby's drawers - I really should hang it up.  Our bed has a Box Spring base, which is completely exposed.  That blue 80's fabric is definately the focal point of our bedroom haha!  I have been dying to do something in there, so I think I'm gonna start with the canvas, and then see what else I can come up with.  Oh did I mention the hubby hates scatter cushions?  I think he might just have to live with it.. cause it's gonna happen haha!!

Hopefully you're having a better day then I am!

Until tomorrow



Cortney Lyon said...

Thank you, you just made me feel normal. I crammed the grocery shopping, laundry, power cooking, and cleaning all in yesterday. It made me want to call into work today to rest, but I know that when I'm home I can't just "rest" so I might as well go to work. Hope you get to enjoy your day a bit more tomorrow.

Larissa said...

Hiya - hope you are feeling better today - sending you some positive vibes xx Thanks for your visit to my blog - wishing you luck in the giveaway, Larissa x

A Christy Production said...

I need as many positive vibes as I can get lately! Seems I am in desperate need of my holiday which isn't coming fast enough. I'm glad others struggle with keeping their craft area clean. It's SO JOLLY HARD!