Monday, October 11, 2010

Old Festy Men's Tie Upcyle.


Last night I was in the mood to craft.  It has been raining in Brisbane for 5 days straight and it's starting to play havoc on my moods and the only thing there is to do (after all the essentials of eating, cleaning, doing dishes etc) is craft.  I haven't been home much to do this over the weekend, but last night we came home early from a dinner at a friend's because I wasn't feeling well.  So I retired to my craft room in my trackies and slippers in hopes I could take my mind off the severe cramping in my stomach (which upon reflection I think may be a tummy bug). 

I few months ago I bought a whooole heap of men's ties at a Thrift Store that was closing down and had everything at 50% off.  They had a QUITE the collection of ties with fun textures, patterns & colours that I thought I could probably upcycle.  They were 50 cents each, so you can't go wrong there!

I pulled the coat hangers that I have all the ties hanging on and tried to think of what to make.  I chose a flimsy fake silk tie with black, blue, gold and little specks of purple and pink and brown.  It really was quite ugly.  But I could see the potential!!

So I threaded my needle and off I went.  I made that ugly tie.. into THIS!!

My fingers are just about bleeding because I desperately needed to use thimbles on my fingers but I couldn't find my trusty little one.  Once I finished securing it all I decided it would look good as a head band so I attached some elastic and now it's all finished!!

I think I'll be making a few more of these out of the old ties I have.  Afterall, there are PLENTY.

Hope you had a creative day!

Until tomorrow


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