Thursday, October 14, 2010

Filled an Order

Well I finished my first order today.  My cousin is a photographer and does alot of baby shoots and needs props for those.  She came over and looked at all my stock and fabrics and we came up with a list of all the things she wanted to buy.  As Christmas is coming up, she decided it would be a good gift idea for someone to get her.. so she has told her extended family I have the gift she wants, and whomever drew her name out of the hat, to call me.  (We're all cousins).  So I have it all ready to go.  It's a nice bundle of clips :)

I also made a few headbands made out of Trim with velcro so it is adjustable for the babies head sizes.

So all she needs to do it put the headband on, and the flower is interchangeable.  Perfect for photos!!

Hope you're having a productive day.  I am enjoying being home without a car (this is to force me to relax), I'm still in my PJ's and it's 1.30pm.  About to head downstairs to make some lunch.

Until tomorrow,


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